Global 5000 #9318 ext.jpg
Global 5000 #9318 ext.jpg

2009 Bombardier Global 5000 For Sale - Specifications


2009 Bombardier Global 5000 For Sale - Specifications


2009 Bombardier Global 5000 Specifications


Year of Manufacture YOM:  2009
Entry into ServiceEIS: September 2009
Total Time Airframe: 1,653 Hours
Total Landings: 555
Max Range 5200 NM
CAMP Maintenance
EU OPS (JAR OPS 1 operations)


BR710 A2-20 Engines
LH Engine Serial Number: 12749
LH Engine Total Time:1,653
LH Engine Cycles: 555
RH Engine Serial Number: 12748
RH Engine Total Time: 1,653
RH Engine Cycles: 555
HIS/OH: On Condition

Enrolled on Rolls Royce Corporate Care Program


13 passenger
Fireblocked interior featuring a four (4) place club setting in the forward cabin
Four (4) place conference/dining grouping in the mid-cabin opposite of a credenza
Finished with a two (2) place club setting opposite of a three (3) place divan
Forward galley includes a microwave and water heater
Airshow system displayed on two (2) 24 in. monitors, and 10.4” plug-in style seat monitors
Wireless LAN,  Swift BB, and 4 DVD players
Third crewmember jumpseat
Lavatories are located both in the forward and aft cabins.

APU Serial Number: P-445
APU Total Time: 1,031
APU CSN: 1,052 Cycles
Enrolled on Honey well MSP

Honeywell Primus 2000 XP Integrated Avionics System
Teledyne Airborne Data Link (ADLS) ACARS displays on FMS  and utilizing 3rd VHF or SATCOM
Triple Honeywell Micro Air Data Computers
CAIMS installation of the CAIMS “report-to-printer” switch
Dual VHF Honeywell RCZ-833K (25/8.33 MHz) transceivers and  third Honeywell RCZ-833 VHF radio 25/8.33 MHz)
Honeywell DA-810 DAUs
Head up display
Dual CMC Electronics CMA-1100 Class II Electronic Flight Bags
Integrated Avionics Computers (IAC) with (6) 8”x7” DU-870 Color EFIS displays
Artex 110-406 ELT
Honeywell SSFDR Digital Flight Data Recorder
Triple FMS NZ-2000 Integrated FMS (Version NZ 5.8)
Dual Collins HF-9031A HF Communication System
Three IRS (Interıal Reference System)
Dual Rockwell Collins ALT-4000 Radio Altimeters
Iridium ICS-200 Satellite Phone System,
Quick Access Recorder ( Analizing by RUAG/ SWITZERLAND)
Global Office (wireless, fax, scanner, printer,) 

Honeywell LSZ-860 Lightning Sensor System (LSS) Displayed on MFD
Honeywell Third FMS – Compatible with ADLS
Miltope Flight Compartment Printer (TP-4840)
Airborne Datalink System (ADLS)
Electronic Pilot Checklist (OBDS) On MFD
IAC System Display of Metric Units instead of Imperial
JAR OPS 1 Operations Modifications
Electronic Flight Bags
Autopilot Emergency Descent Mode
SATCOM and High Speed Link (SAT-6100)
IRIDIUM Telephone System
External Security System (Securaplane)

The system will incorporate the following:
Ten (10) speakers.
Four (4) subwoofers.
 One (1) multi-Disc CD changer.
 One (1) integrated chime/page amplifier
 Cabin audio power amplifier.
 Ten (10) PA speakers will be installed. One (1) in each lavatory, Two (2) in the galley and six (6) in the cabin PSU.
 One (1) chime speaker in the galley.


A video system will be installed to display movies and other video information. Each of the monitors will be able to independently display any available video source.

The video system will incorporate:
1.Two (2) 21.3” LCD monitors:
         a. One (1) aft facing on the RHS forward cabin bulkhead.
         b. One (1) forward facing on the LHS aft cabin bulkhead
2. One (1) 10.4” touch screen LCD monitor (galley)
3. One (1) dual disk CD/DVD/MP3 combined units (same as above)player
4. Eight (8) plug-in receptacles for potential plug-in monitors, in the ledges.
5. Two (2) Carry-on equipment ports. One (1) at LHS forward facing seat and one (1) at the
forward divan end cabinet in the aft cabin will be connected to the CES system for an additional entertainment equipment source.


An Airshow ASXi Interactive Moving Map and Flight Information system is installed to complement the entertainment system. The system combines the graphic capabilities hosted in the MCE with onboard avionics to provide updated flight, business, and leisure information in the English language over the video display system to the cabin occupants. The flight crew interface for the Airshow system shall be via the Cockpit TSE (CTSE). The system will provide the crew with time to destination updating capabilities and audio briefing cueing. Note: Subscription to WSI Corporation is required for the crew to Access NEXRAD radar summaries for display on the CTSE.

The Airshow Interactive will  incorporate the following presentations:

A. Static graphic logo (customized artwork required).
B. “No Smoking” and “Fasten Seat Belt” overlay graphics.
C. World Explorer Map.


The heart of the Global Office is the Ethernet network. The heart of the Ethernet network is the Ethernet Switch Equipment (ESE) one found within each of the central processing cabinet. The ESE is capable of performing layer 2 and 3 switching at line rates across all ports. Additionally it has the processing power to essentially run the network on its own. The Global Office functionality offers the following features:

A. Wireless local area network (LAN) access, in addition the RJ-45 network ports.
B. Access to the Fax / Printer / Scanner.
C. Off aircraft connectivity (E-mail & internet).
D. Network security.
E. File sharing capable.
F. Network drive, cannot be used for data storage. An external, customer supplied, Ethernet drive can be connected to the network to allow data storage. 

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